A heart-felt thank you from the ST team


One of our main priorities as ST’s is making sure everyone has fun and is involved. Which has been a bit harder at times this season due to low player numbers.
So when players give us feedback about being bored - sitting around, waiting for a cut scene to finish - we sat down and tried to come up with ways to avoid this. Yes Discord helps, but we wanted to improve on that, if we could.

So we came up with a plan where we would see if those players not directly involved in the cut scene would be okay with helping out by playing the NPC’s involved in the cut scene.
This gives everyone an opportunity to participate and lets face it - this game stands or dies on the participation levels of you - the players!
This way, we don’t have people sitting around being bored. And it gives you an opportunity to play something out of the ordinary - after all, how often is it that you get to play a Kuei-jin nasty?? :wink:

(For those of you who missed out being a Kuei-jin and beating up on people, don’t worry - it’s a safe bet you’ll get a chance to play some kind of NPC over the chronicle.)

So from the ST team - a big thanks to everyone who helped us out by playing NPC’s over the last few games. You’re massively contributing to the fun we all get at Vampire games. It’s a huge help to us as ST’s and (hopefully) demonstrates that we are listening to the feedback and trying our best to make the game more fun for everyone.

The ST’s



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