Administrative Matters, Cost etc


While the memory is fresh.

At the Feb game I raised the notion that we should charge less for students and unemployed. This seemed to be met with approval.

Therefore a pricing structure of

Waged = $15 per game
Unwaged = $10 per game

Optional membership in NZLarps gives a $5 discount.

@Chloe @Leonides is that correct?

Adam was investigating a cheaper council owned venue to help funding out.

Blair volunteered to assist with club administrative tasks not related to plot, ie hall hire, accounts keeping, etc.

Do we need a poll as a means of a type of club minutes to ratify the proposed prices above etc?



Back in July 2017 I checked with the Hamilton city council (Jade Murray from the community facilities dept) about booking Hamilton community facilities. If we’re a registered not for profit group, we qualify for community rates which are cheaper.
I also got a pricing sheet from the Western community centre but that was from 2017, so the prices may have changed.
Week Venue Hire.pdf (829.4 KB)
Their website ( has photos of the rooms, I thought the combination of the class room and the training room would possibly work well.

This Council link is also useful, shows a map with available facilities:



Yep. What you have there is correct in terms of the fees etc.

and the venue given looks good from what I’ve been able to see on the link provided by Mr. B.