Anarch Armory and Militia


One of my duties as Constable is “maintaining an armory suitable for the defense of the
territory”. As I am unaware of any existing armory within the domain, I am in the process of creating one.

Anyone donations of weaponry for stocking the armory will be gratefully accepted. I also need to know who can use firearms or melee weaponry so that the appropriate types of weapons can be stocked.

Lastly, I am calling for volunteers to form the militia. Please note that you do not need to be highly skilled to join, as training will be arranged for all members. Training will also be required for all residents who do not join the militia.

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Padella will enlist as a scout.
The third Recon has an ill fated history so maybe the first recon will be luckier. :rofl:

Padella is also available to teach Auspex to those who wish to engage his services.



I’m happy to enlist as tech support and brawl support. Happy to teach those that need it the finer points of self-defence if needed?

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I teach first level of fort and potence to anybody that wants it



I am aiding in gathering an armory



OOC - at least call it the Anarch Centralised Militia Equpment store. Then people can get ACME guns and stuff.