As primogen of clan Toreador


By my authority as Primogen for Clan Toreador we put our support behind elder Cornelius in the role of the Harpy


I believe the term is “Nobility”. Authority is something the Prince has.


I humbly thank the noble primogen of Clan Torreador for her support and respect her Loyalty

(OCC I grant her the status loyal)


I humbly apologize for mispeaking, I am new to the position of Primogen and am still unaware of the correct terms. Thank you for imparting your wisdom elder Sophie


You are aware that the person you are supporting is guilty of several breaches of the second Tradition, and was Forsaken by the previous Prince?


Ooc: Nice edit … lol one must remain factually correct when spouting :innocent:


Was he not absolved, and the Forsaken lifted by our current Prince?
If not i would be keen and eager for the Prince to weigh in on such matters in order to avoid further confusion.


The previous Prince’s edict Forsaking Elder Cornelius was revoked as one of the first orders of business by the current Prince.

I believe Elder Micheal is questioning the wisdom of having a Harpy who has borne that stain previously.


Let us please not have a month on this (again) it is wearisome …


Agreed. Unless the serving Primogen lose faith in our current Harpy, or Elder Cornelius does something which calls into question his integrity; Elder Cornelius is the Harpy of Hamilton.


Wonderful, glad we got that settled.
It’s like I always say;
The best Camarilla, is the one that works together
No doubt.
Peace yall.