August DTA form


Here is the DTA form for the August game.

I haven’t had a chance to try to update it for the Sabbat rituals.
As per our after game discussion, if you have Sabbat rituals - you get ritual slots. Slots are graduated:
1-2 dots in rituals = 1 ritual slot
3-4 dots in rituals = 2 ritual slots
5 dots in rituals = 3 ritual slots

I think we agreed that all participants need to devote a slot to the ritual(s) they’re participating in? (David - correct me if I’m wrong).

For now, just message @Storytellers with ritual details. I’ll work on adjusting the DTA form (I’m not as good as Chris at that, will take me a bit of time and some trial and lots of error). :slight_smile:



DTA’s close at midnight on the 1st September (Sunday night).