Back story hooks


Out of clan disciplines are a great way to get connected. Want to learn a discipline?
Happy to teach one?

A common discipline normally costs a minor boon to learn levels 1-3, and a major boon to learn levels 4-5.

Uncommon disciplines are normally major to blood boons.

If anyone wants to learn Dominate my char is happy to teach the first two dots.

Note as it is not in the rules to start in debt it will be assumed that I paid off a debt to teach it in the past. But it generates a hook between the characters.

Or ask the ST if anyone wants to teach xxxx and they may help broker a connection without you having to post here for all to see.

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I am happy to have taught the first dot of potence or fortitude.

And i would have never asked for anything in return, so long as you are family ( anarch and not tremere )

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While my character cannot teach disciplines, I will be playing a very dodgy commodities trader called benny, who would dig up and sell his own mother if the price was right. (Dubious loyalty flaw) if you need some dodgy deals in you past, where you might have gotten just a tad burnt, message me and we can talk specifics :slight_smile:

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In the interests of promoting a burgeoning free market economy my character (Padello) is also available to dig up and sell Benny’s mother for the right price. Padello is a monster who has forsworn the path of humanity for something much darker, (EDIT: Removed dubious loyalties flaw, and is on a greater status ban) but is still happy to do business with you heart and mind types. No point being immortal if you can’t turn a profit right?



Hi STs

Pertaining to creation, and any future purchases, is this chronicle using standard discipline teaching (equal to or higher) or the more limiting (you must have higher than what you teach)?

Also - after Game 1, are you allowing people to spend as much earned XP per month as they want on whatever they want, or are you abiding by the previous 1 attribute/1 skill/1 discipline/1 background per month, etc?

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You can ignore Call to Arms if you have the Hard of Hearing flaw, right?



Its ok my friend, I will yell it loud enough so even you can hear it, i would not want you to miss out

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Danny-Boy, or Daniel if you’re being formal, is a Scottish born member of Clan Ventrue who has been around the New Zealand Anarch movement since before Auckland fell. If you ever needed a few dollars to tide yourself over for a couple of nights or some muscle to back you up in a fight, Danny-Boy’s your man. Hell, if he gets a good story out of it he won’t even charge you for it!

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Bronx is a gargoyle. He has been around the NZ anarchs for quite some time, he follows them anywhere in the country they happen to be.

He considers anarchs his family, and will go out of his way to protect them, with extreme violence.



Spend whatever you have on whatever you want. Remembering your XP is hard enough without remembering to buy your attribute point every month.

Standard Discipline teaching. We’re going back to RAW as much as possible.



crusader venture i’m presuming



Ragnar is the man you come to if you have a problem with the mortal world. a member of clan venture and a man with his hand in all mortal pockets. he distains simple tasks that servants should do in his old age. he has a deep hatered for those not on the path of humanity.



You’ll just have to find out during game :wink:



Lochru has been very solitary over the past 70 year in the Waikato but in the last few year he has been seen more and more in the city especially since the Camarilla presence has been increasing. He has ties with a few others in the area and they know of his clean up skills that have come in useful for them. You need a body gone or crime scene cleaned he can make it happen with out a trace.



Snap! Looks like there’s more than 1 “Cleaner” in town…

Alejandro de la Muerte specializes in Garbage Disposal…

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Must be a very dirty town. Or have very messy inhabitants.



It IS Hamilton after all…



if are in need of any influence aid Ragnar is your man he has a finger everywhere.



Konstantin is a Nos. If you need to move something or something quietly through the city then you should be talking to him.

If you are another Nosferatu then we should talk.