Character connections/Links


Since we have a bunch of new players/characters joining us this month; and games are always more fun when you have more people to interact with; can we please chuck up some rough time lines of when your characters were where. This information is strictly ooc, but it could help our newbies link into the game and connect with other players.

Sophie: Turned 1800; New York 1800-1960; 1960-67 Paris; 1967-2000 Wellington; 2000-2015 Hamilton; 2016-217 Wellington/Auckland

Edit: For those who are old enough and/or were important enough. Prior to 1800, Sophie was known as Henrietta Belmont and was the daughter of one of the top 0.5% rich folkā€¦ so 1798-1800 she was in attendance at several high profile parties for Kine.


Horatio Ballard:

  • Ghoulified, Auckland - 1957 - 1959
  • Turned, Auckland - 1959
  • Resided, Auckland - 1959 - 1985
  • Resided, Hamilton - 1985 - current


Turned 1657. France 1657-1800. Travelled around America until settling on New York as hometown in 1862. Left New York 1957, travelling through Africa, Europe and Asia before settling in Wellington in 1967. Arrived in Hamilton in 2000, and settled there as a home except travelled back for 2015-2017, returning shortly before Game 1 in July 2017.


I will post as soon as I lock them down still working with some people on connections