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Hi @Honeydew

What is the XP progression going to be. Will it be 6xp per game or more or less?

I am eyeing up several builds, but if the progression is paced slow or fast may dictate if any of them are achievable.



When purchasing common out-of-clan disciplines, can you purchase as many as you want, but only up to the 3rd dot of any discipline, or can you only purchase a maximum of only 3 dots chosen from the common disciplines?

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It’s 3 maximum combined by standard rules and I haven’t seen anything that changes that for this game.



This page it reads differently. :man_shrugging:



@Honeydew. @Storytellers I’ll leave ST to confirm this the one then.



Still reads the same.
Not best wording but me thinks it seems the same ( not an st however soo )



6XP per game. Ratio of DTA to game attendance TBD.

3 total of common out of clan disciplines as a baseline. You are allowed to have extra out of clan disciplines of any rarity provided a player can vouch that they taught you; whether there is a boon owing at the beginning of the chronicle or not is at the discretion of the players. The page does read differently. The original book was a bit unclear, perhaps they intended to be able to buy however many dots you wanted up to 3 points but I want to encourage people to make connections pre and during the game, thus the ruling.

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That creates an uneven playing field. If I do not know that player xxx has rare discipline zzz then I cannot arrange out of clan rare extras as part of character creation while other people who are “in the know” do have that option.
If you publish a list of rare disciplines that are available to be taught as part of back story then everyone has the same opportunities.
If people can teach rare things then is not that part of the game to role play that in game?


  1. ST post a list of uncommon and rare available after asking players if they are willing to teach them.

  2. Players post to STs privately which ones they want to learn.

  3. Then STs match people up to each other privately?




Yep that works. So if players are happy to teach stuff then let David know asap so he can do a list.



Okay this is actually a very good point and something I didn’t think about. Editing the ruling slightly so that people will need to come forward unless their discipline is obvious. We have a plethora of Gangrel so Protean will be on that list; if you need help finding one let me know.

There may be other things that become available later depending on what builds I receive.



Also people could message ST stuff not on the list and it could be asked of other players that didn’t add to the list. If that discipline is even avaliable :shushing_face:

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Handy link folks (Thanks to @The_Sherrif for kindly directing me)

Errata for VTM — One World of Darkness