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Fellow refugees of Encruzhalda,

We have discussed that if some of us step up and do some of the lifting for ST’s (booking halls, collecting money, issuing receipts, sorting out pizza on game night etc) then that frees up the ST’s time on game night to deal with players, characters and plot which is much better for all.

We have also discussed becoming an affiliated member of NZLarps to draw upon their props and player base to try and grow our game, BUT in order to be accepted as an affiliated club we have to sort our shit out. Checking last years books they had gross income of close to sixty thousand dollars, so we need to take the club running seriously.

Some of us have been taking this a bit further, Adam has found a venue to try, I have scoped it out and will book it today, I have also found an online sample club charter and have adapted it a little to suit our needs. We will initially be an unincorporated society as that is much easier to get off the ground, but I suggest that if we can we become incorporated as their are good benefits.

In order to progress things along we are going to have an initial steering committee of Mike (interim ST rep), Blair (interim treasurer) and myself (interim chair).

As seen in the attached draft constitution these are interim positions and it is a requirement for the club to have an AGM before the start of May, this is the reason for simply going with those people who have volunteered at this stage.

Obviously at our first AGM the floor is open for any member to stand for committee.

@Outram - Can you please approach NZ Larps for us, their membership year runs from September so Mar/Apr/May/Jun/Jul/Aug is exactly 6 months or half a year, I propose that you pitch the idea to them that for the benefit of getting a bulk load of new financial members this month they allow us to have 50% membership fees to take us to the end of Aug, then we can resume normal fees from Sept.


Crossroads Community Group - Interim Constitution.pdf (178.5 KB)


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