Crossroads Season 4


Hi all!

As the sun sets on Season 3, the sun now rises on Season 4. Crossroads will be continuing. I am planning to run an Anarch game with the general theme of “Us Against the World”. It will be set in Hamilton again. Rarity Settings are the same as in the book, new clans and bloodlines rarity setting can be found at Warning, it’s at the end of Roleplaying Notes for bloodlines so can be easily overlooked.

Additional Information will be released on or before the 17th of April including starting XP. There will be a Session Zero for character creation, making connection and ensuring Please post any questions you may have here and I will answer questions when I am able.

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Will there be a way to get influence levels higher than 5?



We are going back to the Influence System in the book which means that if you want an action higher than 5, you will need to use other people’s influence to boost your levels. There will also at times be NPCs whose influence you can use to boost your own…for a price.



From the facebook post …

Anarchs of the world unite! The Camarilla want to subjugate us and the Sabbat seek to rip away all that makes us human. We say no! We fight for freedom!

Someone has killed our Baron. Someone has attempted to isolate us, to disenfranchise us, to make us lesser. We must fight back!

Season 4 is on! On the 30th of April (location TBD) we will be having a character creation evening for the purposes of making connections, ensuring people understand the V2 content and getting a feel for the setting. Everyone is invited, the more the better.

Character Creation Rules: 80XP Base. With the V2 rules and setting out we are allowing people to take 3 additional merits from their inclans only, however for each merit you take you will be required to take a corresponding point of clan flaw. Let’s keep Hamilton LARP going!



Regards influences.

For each dot we are supposed to specify a description of the influence source eg “corrupt narcotics agents” so they can only be used if they are relevant to the required action.

Is that how you are running it or do you need an area as well as/and/or detail?

  • Police/Corrupt narcotics agents
  • Police
  • Corrupt narcotics agents