Current outstanding Bloodhunts and other punishments


Nailed to one of the walls of the Elysium is the following handwritten document -

"Cornelius Rathbone the vainglorious and petulant has committed many faux pas’ in his time. Today we are addressing several of his more recent errors of judgement.
This list includes - though it should be noted that it is not limited to, for the sake of brevity:
Going against the direct orders of the Prince in a breach of the second tradition.
Publically disparaging an elder.
Ignoring warnings from many (important and unimportant) parties
And, of course, there’s more.

Due to this it has been decided that if Cornelius wants to publically act like a spoilt little neonate, then he shall be treated as such. Let all the benefits of his age and breeding be stripped away with what remains of his dignity.

Now, his actual punishment. Since he obviously has no respect for the fine traditions of the Camarilla, why should they protect him? So, by my authority as Prince, I cast him out. He is forsaken for his actions. Let none say that I am not merciful, when tempered by my wife.

So it has been written, so it shall be done.
Jean-Baptiste Gabriel de Sainte-Croix, Prince of Hamilton."


For those that missed it the key word is Authority look it up. He is not calling Soverign which would give Cornelius Forsaken through a blood hunt.


So he is forsaken but not bloodhunted correct?


Correct. …