Downtime Actions House Rules



Just some notes to help you all do the DTA’s, minimising to and frowing with the ST team.


  • Price of power: this action represents the time it takes to do your duties in kindred society. In the past we would allow actions that fall in line with your duties. Now it covers all the behind the scenes boring stuff that is better swept under the carpet. The St Team will hand you info & rumors relevant to your position in this section. please do not try to do anything with this action - it will be ignored - unless you are just adding flavor to your duties, which we would really like.
  • Patrol: you must select a region on the carlos territory map that you will patrol:


  • each action must have a specialisation attached to it. if not everyone that can see it, will. see below
  • Gossip and insider trading, and Word on the street: you must select one of your influence specialisations with this action. The information that will be returned to you will be based on this specialisation.
  • It costs additional influence to use general influence actions outside of your home city (Hamilton). as a rule of thumb it’ll cost an additional influence per hour of driving (round down) to reach the area to be influenced. This is not a limit break like trying to overcome a block, but per action.
    e.g. Timmy wants to do some Illegal favours in auckland - itll cost him 2 influence per action


  • Each clan will have their own ephemeral advantage based on their clan stereotype eg ST’s may hand over more occult/supernatural rumors/info to the Tremere. Toreador will have more sway over the kine. Ventrue have more liquid finances (naturally). Nosferatu uncover the secrets better left alone, etc.
  • The Embrace costs 2 willpower for 2 games.


  • xp can only be spent via the dta form
  • typically 2 xp is awarded for attending the game OR participating on forums/discord.
  • 2 xp is awarded for submitting a downtime
  • 2xp can be awarded by popular vote on the night under the categorys “Costume”, “Roleplay” and “MVP”, you cannot gain the same popular award twice in a row
  • Characters that have less than the Chronicle XP average will gain XP at an accelerated rate using the graduated xp rules. 10xp if less than 100, 8xp if less than 200, 4xp if less than 300.


To clarify can we only patrol ONE AREA such as Bader, or can we patrol ONE CLANS TURF such as Nos turf?


One area / domain. I know they are not equal but it simplifies things immensely


Hi STs. I just wanted to check the new influence rules. If I wanted to Block an action (say, Illegal Favours - buy Drugs) to increase its difficulty, I would have to state a Specialisation (Police, Street, Organised Crime, etc) as well. Is that correct? Or do you only need to state the Specialisations for General actions?


Yes block and general actions need to be tagged with a specialisation