It has come to my attention that there is a lack of respect among particular individuals. There are individuals among you who believe Clan Tzimisce is not to be feared, that disrespect can be allowed to occur without consequence. To the individual or individuals involved in transgression, you know who you are, and more importantly when I know who you are you will understand regret. I offer you one chance to come forward, apologize, and pay your respects. If the item is not returned by the end of the month you will wish that you had been diablerized. I have a place for you on my wall. For the individual who finds the thief, I have offerings for you.

Expect Change. Metamorphosis does not only extend to the flesh.

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OOC. How has this been sent out?

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What item seems to have gone missing? It may be hard to help you find a thief if we do not know what was stolen.



OOC: Notes placed in people’s pockets. You would need 5 Auspex to have noticed.



A Statuette, symbolic of the Faith of the Kine.



If it’s notes in our pockets then we can’t ask questions …
Or know who it’s from … (was it signed “Cade” ?)
Maybe all replies need to be placed randomly in other peoples pockets …

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OOC: To be honest, with this language I think most of us would just presume Cade. He is the Metamorph among us.

And nothing stops us from replying to him in a more general way, we dont all have to be weird like the elder



Some people don’t have pockets. Just saying…

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Post it note on feroxs back