Fair warning


For players who have or want funky or exotic items - the ST’s will be looking for potential downsides and will apply them to you via plots.


Nigel the neonate nosferatu wants to own a converted 747 for his haven. He has 5 dots in resources, so he gets 250K a month in cash.
He has a few dots of transport influence which helps him out with the paperwork.

The ST’s decide that yes, he can have this because maybe he bought one cheap from a US DEA sell off or something. And because Nigel has dots in haven (staff) then yeah, that could cover air crew. Plus Nigel has drive skill (piloting) just in case.


The monthly upkeep of a 747 is a lot more than 250K. Plus the list of people who privately own one is pretty small. So media outlets might do a story on it. Nigel doesn’t have the media influence needed to suppress those stories (pesky human media) not to mention that by not spending enough to keep it properly serviced, mortal goverment agencies will revoke its flight worthy certificates.
Pretty soon Nigel has worked out that his cool item has turned into a big, rusty anchor.

So fair warning - the bigger and more exotic your item, the more fun the ST’s will have with it.