Forum for people putting down about there characters


Player: Bruni
Character: Grunt
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Aurtakis
Known information:
Obvious Predator (Permanents Fangs)
Limp (Awkward Mobility).
A scar across his left eye which has a patch over most of the time. (One Eye and Bad Sight).
Because of his injuries pre vampire, he does not react fast (Slow Reactions).



Just thought I’d throw up here what is obvious public knowledge and fluff flaws I don’t care if people know.

If others would like to do this even if it’s just your name, character name and clan it would help a lot.



Player: David
Character: Cade
Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat
Known Information:

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Player: Grace
Character: Lucia
Sect: Sabbat
Known information:
On a path
Loyal to clan mates and willing to stand up for them

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Player: Zeke
Character: …
Sect: himself/Autakis
Known information: wears a mask and insists it is his face

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Player Wok
Character Jonathan Dexter
Sect, well we’re all autarkis now, but formerly anarch
Known information: high levels of fame,

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Player: Greg
Character: Arthur Fonzerelli
Sect: Formerly Anarch
Known information: Irish nationalist, does not work well with the English, member of the “Tunnel Snakes” (formerly) Anarch gang, has a fire ‘breathing’ parrot on his shoulder most of the time, insists it is a dragon trapped in a parrots body. A known thaumaturge with the path of fire … well he does have a dragon to teach fire magic after all …

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Player; Stephen
Character: Sawyer
Known information.
Very short temper, good with a gun and at hiding, path of Honorable Accord.

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