From the office of our hardworking revolutionary Baron


From the office of the Baron

“Greetings to all in the domain. Our first gathering was a monumental success and we already have strong leadership throughout. To introduce myself, I am Eleanor, Anarch from Los Angeles, California. I hail from clan Malkavian, and have been instrumental in the liberation effort across the globe. I want to make it clear that if anyone has anything they need to bring to my attention, I am a baron of the people, and will make time for each and every one of you. As such, we already have several other capable Kindred in the service of the Anarch movement. Our Architect is the ever brilliant Ragnar, who I have full faith will uphold the Masquerade at any costs. We will be releasing feeding grounds soon. Our Ambassador(s) are Lyra and Lorelai. If any of you have any outstanding boons, please report it to them as soon as possible, especially any to the unsavory independent alliance, monstrous sabbat or the oppressive camarilla. We also have a Constable, Max, a warrior that seems as capable with a gun as he is with a militia, who has already begun assembling an armory. Any who wish to engage in the active and unfortunately violent defence of the city should consult me immediately, and I can refer you on to him. Finally, Jay will be your Assistant to the Baron, a role that comes with no intrinsic status, but the responsibility of passing on messages from me, occasionally. I do stress however that a message passed on from him should be treated as if it is from me. If you have any queries about anything he passes on, contact me. I will not be misrepresented.
Together we will forward this movement that is taking over the globe, fortify our city, and expand when opportunity arises. We will cast off the shackles of the blood bonds, and we will lead the city into a greater era. Let the ivory tower learn our names, let the sabbat priests curse them. We are the Anarchs. And I am your Baron.

As such, I want you all to know that I am no prince of a stagnant state. I want your input, I want your voice. Please, make us stronger together. For it is together that we shall prevail.

Now unfortunately, we have some more unpleasant news. As you all know, everyone in the domain must go through an initiation ritual called hazing. Some of you may have already completed this for another state, or for another Baron, but seeing as one could just lie about this, in order to keep ties with our oppressors, I am revoking all accepted hazings for the City - with the exception of myself and your officers.
These hazings are not to Bar anyone’s voice. They are solely to ensure that you are all kept safe by those who fight beside you. Your hazing is to cut you from the umbilical cord of those who would use it to strangle you. When you can show me that the cord is cut, you will be accepted with open arms. Your officers and I will confer and provide more concrete details at the next gathering. Until which you are all, of course, safe and permitted in the domain.

Rooting out infernalism and tracking/destroying mortal hunters are of course our top priority and anyone who can make significant progress in either of these arenas will be rewarded. I encourage you all to set your sights on bigger things than trying to destroy chantrys.
Once again I would like to welcome you all to your new Barony. I am your Baron, and I will ensure that all are treated equally, fairly and are protected from outside threats. I will be able to be contacted directly at the next gathering if you have any queries or questions, otherwise your Assistant to the Baron will be able to take on any/all of your concerns and ensure they get to the right ears. I look forward to seeing you all there."

  • Baron Eleanor Saint-Dennis. Baron of Hamilton New Zealand.

OOC - Life is pretty hectic for Mel atm, but I see her two to three times a week so will pass on anything if anyone wants to contact the Baron, but I don’t have an actual position or anything.

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We be family, why bother with feeding territorys.
Just share.



No. Just no. If the word of one of us is suspect, then ALL of us are suspect. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If the Baron wishes for all of us to prove our loyalty to the Movement, then let them lead by example. Let them renounce their hazing and undergo the trial again.

Otherwise, i would suggest that this issue be dropped, and the Baron being questioned as to why she wishes to stir mistrust amongst our ranks

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I would like to remind the Constable that the Baron is fully within her right to accept or deny hazing as she sees fit.
All she is asking is that people prove loyalty to the movement, which she has already done by agreeing to serve it. As have you.
Unfortunately the previous Baron didn’t leave behind any records of who was, or wasn’t hazed, and more importantly, what those hazing’s were.
This is a common practice among the anarchs, rehazing when entering a new Barrony. Being accepted and resting on ones previous laurels is a fine Camarilla practice. All that needs to be done by and individual, is showing that they are dedicated to the movement, and they are in. It is that simple.



If agreeing to serve the movement is the benchmark for proving loyalty then all those who agreed to serve it by standing for positions have thus proven their loyalty and shouldn’t need to re haze. I and several other vampires did this. So we shouldn’t have to haze either then, if this logic is applied.



Your opinion has been noted and will be brought in front of the baron before the next gathering.



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IC: I duno, sum people seem to think she seems very camarilla, if anybody gota prove themselves to a bunch of anarchs, da leader seems a good place to start

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Taking my Assistant Baron Hat off…
Being an Anarch is an amazing thing, because you get the freedom to do as you wish. The Baron has made her rules, if you don’t like them, talk to her at the next gathering.
I want to make this clear.
If the intent is “We don’t have to prove ourselves.” then why have hazing at all?
Why is it a core tenet of the movement?
It exists, I believe so that we can all trust each other.
But I don’t even know of those who are ‘hazed’ what their deeds are.
And in fact, with some members claiming that attacking a tremere Chantry is an adequate hazing for members that have come from the independent alliance, it seems like there is a lack of understanding around the whole concept. the whole point is to sever your connections to other sects. For myself, I will aid the attack on the chantry in whatever way i can, but I can recognize that someone from the independent alliance with dubious loyalties, should be striking out against them, not the Tremere to prove loyalties.
If we want to abolish hazing, this is a relatively radical change from the Anarch way.
If we want to haze only our leaders then it will be difficult to measure a hazing.
I don’t even think the Baron plans for people to start a new hazing as it were… Just to give her an account of whatever the last Baron accepted, because the last Baron did not keep records, and then to let this Baron do their job and judge if that makes someone loyal to us or not.
The push back on a relatively simple, keeping everyone safe endeavor is concerning to say the least.
Or perhaps we want spies from other sects to be able to wander our gatherings freely?

Putting the Assistant baron hat back on
Your opinion has been noted and will be presented to the Baron before the start of the next gathering.

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Not sure what your hat has to do with it friend, And the chantry thing was cause i wanted to do it and I know hazing has something to do with stuffing the others over, I did kinda leave the planning and details to one of the others.

I think its more to do with " you cant trust us cause you dont know us " But really we dont know you either, if we are all going to get to know each other and piss off all the others, then by all means, lets do it, but i dont think anybody gets to be exempt mhmm?



Once again, not speaking for the Baron here.

I agree, our rep should be about what we’ve done lately.
But a very simple retelling of ones hazing, or an act since then that sets you up will be good for the sect, and for our city.
I will even make a public post, with names for those who want them on there, so that other Anarch sects can know of our members and our movement and how much ass we kick.
As for the baron proving herself, I have full faith that she will do that, the month isn’t over yet!(OOC and DTA’s aren’t in and processed yet)
besides, winning the position Proves her worthy to hear and judge on hazing’s, as much as the Architect is dividing feeding grounds and the constable is creating an armory.
I’m sure any true Hazed member will be a true hazed member at the end of next nights gathering.
But with a mortal managing to infiltrate our gathering last time, precautions must be taken right?



Anyway, day sleep calls. I shall reply when i can. You may contact me publicly, or privately, many of you have chosen both of these options.
I wish you all a wonderful month.
And I’ll see you all at the next gathering.



OOC - anyone with leadership can ask about someone’s committed status. It will be very obvious if they have faked it.

In addition, for each dot of Leadership
your character possesses, you can learn the details of another vampire’s specific status trait, once per night



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Nice speech, the Anarch ideals are clearly expressed. I have obviously come to the right place to learn about and join the cause. Looking forward to developing a suitable hazing with my fellow anarchs.



Why isnt removing the Tremere and sabbat from our city a top priority?



Do we have confirmation that we have Sabbat in the city?
Do we have confirmation that the Tremere are Camarilla and not potential Anarchs searching for freedom from the blood bonds like I was?
If we have either of those things then of course they are top priority candidates.
Right now, I believe they are not seen as as much of a threat as the imminent danger of being threatened by those actively hunting us.
If you have information about either of these things I would advise you to present it so that we may re-assess.
However, unfortunately, you can’t have everything be a top priority, it eliminates the very concept of a top priority.
Right now, I believe the Baron is concerned with the imminent danger of attacking us at our own gatherings and assembling an arsenal specifically to kill us that the mortal hunters present.
And if you know anything of infernalisim, you will know that the main goal is the total subjection and elimination of all live.
If you feel that either the Tremere or Sabbat warrant more of a priority than either of those things, then I have two possible solutions.
Number 1, you may investigate these on your own. When you have found some concrete intel we will move forward as a sect on it, if it is deemed to be tone of the most pressing issues at the time.
Number 2, I will take your concerns to the baron before the next gathering and you can directly meet with her, either in public or private to discuss these things.

Realistically, right now there is a lot for us to be doing, but the officers have gravitated more toward the infernalisim in Templeview and the hunters. the baron supports the officers in their selections of the most imminent threats.

Finally Konstantin, I would urge you to let the officers do their job, unless you think that they are ineffective. given that we haven’t even had one month (OOC - or one DTA) to see how their effectiveness plays out, perhaps a little faith in those that were elected by the sect and their top priorities?



Also, I would like to clarify my first question.
I know there are the occasional sabbat members in the city. but to my knowledge the sect as a whole hadn’t organized in the city. I may be wrong and I’m not speaking for the Baron there, and would be more than appreciative if I was wrong for someone to correct me.



However I will of course be taking this before the Baron.



The ghosts in the temple view area are disfigured, mutilated, deformed. It seems as if something is poisoning them. I am not studied in the lore of the infernal and cannot advise if it is them, the sabbat or some other supernatural agency at work. But i feel it unlikely to be the work of the kine.