Game 1 - Hazardous Hazing


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From Game 01 - 04/06/2021

Tremere Raid : Bronx the Gargoyle posted this comment.

Same for the hazing of kicking down the tremere chantry

So anyone interested in the hazing event post here.



I think this rash brazen assault on the chantry is foolish, they will be already fortified and waiting for this sort of thing. Why not direct some of these hunters to the chantry and observe how they react to the threat. Then we will get an idea of there numbers and their capability. I am also keen to see if they use fire of the sort that people “saw” killing our late baron.

Does anyone have their ear to the ground on how we can direct these Hunters onto the Tremere Chantry?

Why not use the hunter cell we have compromised to direct them to the chantry for an all out assault.

We see the capability of the hunters as well as the tremere and hopefully thin them both down.



I am going but not to attend in the attack. But I’ll be around if needed.



Yah boi, ah agree with dah weird one ‘ere.
This a thang of style. ‘ave em do somethin’ kool, Tah stuff with em. We can’t talkin’ about no disposable shock troops, we are talking about potential membars od dah revolution. Get em tah egg raid the place, pah apps like throw a dildo at some up an mighty heading out fer a feed, or like drop a truck load of shit on there door.
It’s about makin’ ah personal commitment tah the cause, not chargin’ machinegun nests.
Good idea tah have some bodies keepin’ an eye on em… case things get serrious.



Just to get this straight your plan is to attract Hunters to a site where you know they will likely interact with vampires. That site being in the middle of the city we reside in and feed in in? You are hoping for them to make an “all out assault” potentially calling in more hunters to the city. The hunter we have met so far from this cell you hope will make an “all out assault” identified himself as from the 3rd Recon. Recon units dont typically make all out assaults, instead they usually stealthily observe and call in support.

Am I the only one here who thinks this is potentially a massive own goal and a epic masquerade breach in the making?



As opposed to the Gargoyles plan of smash it up and burn it to the ground. Involving a kindred vs kindred open street battle of supernatural vs supernatural powers.

Both cases are potential masquerade breaches and I am sure the Architect will veto anything not having plans for that. The whole point of diverting hunters is that it is swat team style attack which is far easier to tidy up in the press without tipping ourselves to either side. If the hunters can be led to believe the chantry is our base then their whole operation pivots to a hunters vs camarilla basis as opposed to a hunters vs anarchs. Isn’t that better business for us? unless you are a camarilla sympathiser I guess.

If we have two enemies on our doorstep isn’t it better to have them square off in round one rather than fight them both at once?

But yeah sure … I guess plans made by committed anarchs are better than what we unhazed types think, so I’ll just sit back and watch the charge of the Gargoyle brigade then. Hopefully we have time to get a good orchestra for a rendition of Beethoven’s fifth as they run boldly in.

OOC - the whole point of the anarch merit Ear to the Ground is exactly this isn’t it?

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Smashing down the walls of the chantry with supernatural powers is also a potential masquerade breach. Burning it down is not(unless you use some kind of thaumaturgy.) I am sure the Architect is more than capable of using his mortal connections to keep ordinary mortals away from the location.

If the hunters believe that the chantry is our base of operations then will will most likely observe and gather intelligence looking to identify and track back to their havens any vampires who travel to the location. Eventually once they have gathered as much intel as they can they will then attack the vampires during the middle of the day. In doing so they will get further details about the capabilities and workings of vampire society.

Or maybe the hunters will be complete muppets and simply attack the tremere without attempting to do any information gathering.

The Masquerade is not a competition that some win and some loose. Masquerade breeches hurt every vampire.

The Tremere need to be expelled from Hamilton. Letting them stay is a sign of weakness and would only embolden further camarilla encroachment on our territory. Leaving flaming bags of dog poo outside their frontdoor will not force them out. On the otherhand an uncoordinated attack on the chantry is a recipe for disaster. Attacking the Tremere probably doesnt burn many bridges for any Giovanni, Settites, Lasombra etc as their non anarch clanmates would probably approve.

Wouldn’t it be better to set individually oriented hazings rather than one size fits all. I am happy to help get rid of the Tremere from our city but I think it should take a planned out approach and potentially should be a call to arms situation. After all, this is a Camarilla foothold in our city. If we set up a gang in a Camarilla princedom those poor bastard anarchs would be swirling round a vacuum cleaner by now.

OOC The merit Ear to the ground doesn’t dictate the hunters response to the info. It also doesn’t mean that using it to tip off hunters about the Sabbat or Camarilla is not a masquerade breach. It also doesn’t stop the hunters coming after you as well, but can give you advance warning of the hunters coming after us.



Yeah, I think the Chantry needs to go, but the current plan is a masquerade breach at best and a death warrant at worst. if the power of the ivory tower comes down on us, we will not survive. if the pyramid attack, we will not survive.

We shouldn’t send hunters towards any Kindred. As they start to find more of us, they will learn how to better combat us. We should be leading them astray, making them target other mortals so that they get caught by the police, they don’t get experience fighting our kind, and their numbers will dwindle if they don’t make any progress.

But hey. I’m just the fruit guy.



I don’t want to be known as the naysayer to my own hazing, but doesn’t the existence of the 3rd Recon indicate the existence of a 1st and 2nd Recon?



oop, I’ll join in

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I’m going.



I am going to assist if it is needed. I wasn’t aware the Chantry was filled with vampires when I agreed to burn it down, but I will follow through with my word.