Jan's Game


The January game shall be an official Elysium and will be held at Hardy Hall on the 26th of Jan.

For those who do not use facebook:

IC, this is a proclamation by the Esteemed Keeper of Elysium (It has been copy and pasted from the forum post):

The Prince has asked me to host a Themed Salon for the first gathering of the coming year. As such, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that there shall be Masquerade Ball in the historic Greenslade Manor, inspired by the nobility and grandeur as only the Aristocracy of Pre-Revolution France were capable of.

Period Costuming though encouraged, is not required, however there will be strict Formal Attire dress code required, and obviously, a mask. Officers of the Court (Holding a position that grants Abiding status) and those who are Confirmed within the Domain will have free entry of course, however those without will be required to give a Trivial Boon as payment for being allowed into such august company and setting.

Additionally, as an opportunity for prestige within the Domain, and to better the Elysiums of our realm, a competition is to be held. Each Clan is to bring an offering, in the form of an Object D’Arte, Historical Item, Magical Artifact, or other Curio to be judged by a panel consisting of Myself, the esteemed Harpy Carlos the Even Handed, Seneschal & Elder of Clan Gangrel Sophie, and the Lady of Mercy & Primogen of Clan Toreador Isabelle Guillard. The Primogen of the Clan that is judged to have given the best offering will receive the Acclaim of our Harpy, in addition to other spoils of victory. The Primogen of the Clan judged to have given the worst offering will be required to give a Trivial Boon to the Victor, as a humbling for their poor taste, in addition to a Minor Boon to myself in apology for the slight of giving such a substandard offering.

For Clans lacking a Primogen to represent them, the most prestigious member of that Clan (By the reckoning of the Harpy) will gain the prize instead. Any Clan failing to bring any form of offering will face dire scorn within the domain, in addition to the penalties of losing the contest. Given that my Clan’s presence in this sect is beyond the norm and I am already overseeing the organization of this Salon, I, my Childe and Sling are exempted from this Competition.

As an addendum, those who have been granted the Status of Defender, but are not one of my Knights, need only seek verbal permission from myself or subordinates to act in defense of Elysium without fear of repercussion. Otherwise, any act of violence, or use of disciplines excepting that of Obfuscate by the Clan Nosferatu (Exclusively) is expressly prohibited, and any Kindred caught using a discipline or enacting violence, regardless of reasoning or supposed justification without my express permission will bear the Disgrace of being named “Profane”

Ab intus enim Nominis Umbra

Keeper Leonidas

There are several points I will address.

Although we have stated IC this is to be held at Greenslade Manor, it will be held OOC as usual at Hardy Hall.
Formal attire is a minimum of business attire; so no t shirts and shorts but need not be elaborate. Likewise with a mask, it need not be elaborate. I do believe that David’s Emporium sell several which would work nicely. If you do want to go a little more Elaborate, Look Sharp at the Base or Trademe are fantastic for that.

Cost, is as usual $10pp payable to Mel on entry. Should people need to spend the night, or wish help with transport, please put a post up and we’ll see what we can do.


I approve this message :stuck_out_tongue:


OOC i won’t be wearing nice clothes as all my nice clothes are in storage in Wellington, and i am unlikely to get down there in the foreseeable future to get any, but IC my char will be wearing nice clothes.


OOC: Don’t you have Mask? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, but what i am saying is as a player i don’t have any nice clothes to wear to a formal dress gathering, so i will be in jeans and t shirt but IC Carlos would wear nice clothes


OOC: Maybe we could arrange for you to borrow something from someone? We have a couple of months to sort something, so surely we can come up with a solution that works? Ultimately I totally am about putting RL concerns above IC ones, so that will be fine.