OOC advice for New Characters



Okay some just pointing out some harsh realities for anyone making a new character or joining the chronicle,to join the court you have to be acknowledged by the prince, most of the times that is a sweet and easy.

I’m playing the PC prince, hes not a nice guy.

I would recommend seriously talking to the players of the clan your going into or one of the court positions , one of them has to be your door in, they have to to talk to the prince, have him call off the scourge (Who is technically obliged to stake/kill you as an unacknowledged kindred otherwise) and with the Primogen, arrange an audience with the prince to get accepted)
I would also recommend tying your character to one of them, how you knew them, be it bloodline (A VERY good option) or some history. we are a city under external threat, not being framed as a spy is a great way to stay alive.
It is also good because it means your character has ties to the court, before he enters the room, some characters know you, your character is not walking into a room of complete strangers

This also gets you in the door, to the meeting alive.

Net trick is the presentation, The bastard on the other side of the interview, doesn’t like you, make no mistakes about it. hes going to smile, he might even seem friendly, but it’s an act. hes looking at the city and how you are going to affect it.
Seem useful, seem like you have a purpose to the city. have either something he wants or be something useful to him. otherwise hes not going to want you to stay.
The characters that are all like “Yeah, I just wandered in the door, I like it here, I’m going to sleep on your couch and help my self to the fridge okay” is most likely going to be asked to wander out.

It’s also worth looking at the current politics and clan demographics If your coming in to a poorly represented clan (Venture(2/3), Toreador(2/3), Malkavian(2) and Tremere(2) ) You are move likely to be accepted than say another member of the Brujah mob (5 players). I’m not saying they will not be accepted, It just WAY more likely.

thanks guys, know its a bit of a lecture, but I felt it kinda needed to be pointed out. so new faces don’t get ashed.


Note for new players: While this might seem to be overly complex and just another obstacle, it actually helps building backgrounds and character ties. Namely, you don’t have to come up with an entire x number of years history yourself - if you knew such and such from way back when, then you can use parts of THEIR backstory (when and where they were when they met/created you) to flesh out your own. For really new players, I recommend looking at joining one of the clans with either an Elder (as it is literally their job as players to ensure that plot gets kicked around to non-elders so might be eaiser to come into) or one of the highly experienced players.

Basically: Talk to people and come in with not only a foot in the door, but a link to the current plots etc. as well. It makes for a much more fun game for everyone.


Yo bad guy Prince - there are 3 malks acknowledged in this domain. Dismiss them not as irrelevant for your sanity’s sake …



Lol he just knows OOC that James the Malk has left the city.


OOC - James is great fun to interact with. Why’s he left?


He was just not really built for the social side of the Cam sect. His derangement was very detrimental to it and just wasn’t able to interact because of that.


It was an OOC reason not IC


Sigh. Ah well… :frowning:
Seems we are down to two sane people now, surrounded by lunatics…


Remember each elder is supposed to be partially sane … you have more friends than you think!