OOC: Bleed


Hi all,

At the moment, I think I’m starting to get a little bleed and frustration with how things are heading. I’m going to take the next few days to back away and chill, so I won’t be very active on the forums.

I will, however, check my pms daily and respond to anything time critical. I’m also more than happy to have a few OOC conversations, but I may not reply to those.

Anything that needs addressing about the next game, feel free to still message me about it. Be aware that I’m more likely to respond OOC than IC.

I want to make it clear that I AM having fun, and that it’s nobody’s fault that I’m feeling this way. I just have a hard time disconnecting reality from play sometimes and need to make sure I can keep that boundry clear. It’s better to take a break before it starts to become a problem.


This is actually probably a really good point for a lot of people to back away at least for a few days to gather thoughts and chill a bit, because this is building into a really intense scene, and it is getting to the point where verbal and physical presence is required for everything to be taken as it is intended.

Even for those not suffering bleed, or who don’t think they are… it’s a good point to take a break. This is afterall now the 6th night in a row that something has happened with this topic. That’s not including the things which happened with this topic BEFORE now.


Yeah, diablerie is always a juicy topic, always gets people nervous… like it should.

Btw no offense, just acting as a Camarilla citizen. :wink:


I get you may be joking, but this isn’t the place for it. This is an OOC message, and one which is pretty bloody serious. Bleed, the issues it caused and the negativity it injected into the LARPING community during Crucible caused the premature end of the largest larp which has ever run in NZ.


I will admit that was part of the reason to call for a stop and a court case, give some breathing space for players, to get some air, sort things out… and hopefully resolve it in character in a great scene (Which might take a little scedualing for IC time - but hey we can work it) - it really is getting very blurry and bleed sucks. time to think and welfare.


Could be better to keep the gaming to the game. Forum is a great communication tool but it is not the game.
Announcements are fine, pm to a char for a piece of info or agreement to an action are ideal. But long winded diatribes are not suited, especially cos sneaky people can’t interject in the moment with IC jibes and distractions and other IC moments.

Game for gaming is good.

Elders are bad.

Just saying …


I think the other issue with how people are currently using the forums, is that it is being used as an IC forum rather than the OOC means of IC communication;

So PMs are taken as ‘I am sending this character a letter/spending time to find them and talk to them in person’ but the public posts are somewhat oddly done. Many characters wouldn’t really know HOW to use a forum for a start.

As for the game for game thing… good in theory, but in practice there tends to be a few issues - like the fact that games are x long and things like what is currently going on tend to happen in those private communications and then get put into public because we don’t want to spend an entire game locked into this one argument trying to sort it out. Rather sort at least part of it prior to game and then simply tie up loose ends at game. Taking regular breaks and welfare checking participants in forums is actually something which should be done though, and I applaud Adam for doing so at one point in one of the threads I saw when he thought there might be a bleed issue. I also applaud Abbey for posting this and publicly stating ‘no, I’ve noticed a problem and I’m stepping back’.


Back in the day we had two games a month. One main game and one social game.

Main game was just that. The main properly organised game with rumors, xp new NPCs etc.

The social game was an event organised by the players, normally at someone’s house but with good weather at a park too. Nudge nudge nothing is stopping these from happening