OOC: Cross Post from Facebook


Just posting this here as I know some people don’t use facebook. This is by no means a ‘stop having fun’ or anything like that, and I do not intend this as a rubuke to anyone; but it IS time to look at the welfare of our participants.

Hey everyone;
I do not mean to step on anyone or tell people to stop having fun, but I think that the current issues which have arisen on the forums, both from an IC perspective and an OOC rules perspective are getting to the point where they are just causing a lot of unintended frustration. Now is a good time for everyone to take a step back and ensure that they are responding to things in a calm fashion without IC/OOC emotion colouring any response they are making.

The IC side of this will be continued at a Court Inquiry the Prince has already stated will happen, and until that point I don’t think it wise for anyone to weigh in IC on it, because it is just going to cloud the waters more. Yes there are IC conversations which need to happen before the Inquiry; but if possible give it a few days before having those conversations and try to have them face to face if you can. If not, send a PM, but also be aware that written word often loses something in the translation and can have unintended consequences which will be taken as IC.

The OOC rules side of this is something which I get the feeling is causing a headache for the ST and while the conversation around what the guidelines are for statuses and buying off flaws and what happens around that etc. need to happen, we need to be aware that Chris does actually have a family and life outside of the game. Please be respectful of that.