Pop Culture Evening


During the last gathering, I issued two invitations to many people. Both invites are open to all kindred, so if for some reason you didn’t recieve one or both, please condider this your invite.

The first was a physical invitation. This was to a rave hosted by clan Brujah. Time and Location will be provided in response to your RSVP. The date is December 15th.

The second was a verbal invitation. This may not have reached everybody, and for that I apologise.

The second invitation is for a monthly showing of movies and television shows that have become ingrained in mortal culture. It can be awkward to explain gaps in such general knowledge to any mortal that you may have reason to interact with.

This will be held on the first of every month at the Casino belonging to Ali Ali. Any security concerns should be directed to him.

I am also open to suggestions for movies to watch, should you know of anything or wish to understand a reference you previously did not.

I hope to see you all there. There is no reason that I can think of that would make gaining knowledge of popular culture a bad idea.


There seems to be some confusion regarding my two invites at game. I thought I’d clear it up.

The pop culture evening is something for the forums. If people do actually want to catch up and watch movies together ic, I’m sure something can be arranged, but my plan was always to have it on the forums.


OOC - will the “pop culture evening” require a DTA and is it really to be a regular thing?


Pretty sure it’s just an RP thing, a way for Elders and older kindred to learn the new ways rather than something that will have ST driven consequences; but double check with Chris. It is meant to be a regular monthly thing from my understanding


Correct there is no cost to this. It’s purely a RP thing


OMG… !! :joy: !!
Does the “Shine” channel count as tv amongst all these atheist blood-munchers? If so, sign me up!

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All you need is a run-by-boating and you are a bump on the noggin away from realising there is a higher power! Where is a boat when you need one? Will a kayak count?


Who controls the remote? The person with the highest status?
Pop culture for understanding the modern world, or Poppa’s culture for understanding of the past? Btw, “pop culture” does not mean “Poppa’s culture” - just ah, putting that explanation out there…

Talking about Poppa’s, how about some “poppa culture” nights too? Where the poppa’s read to us about some real fun stories? I’d be into that too. Pity they didn’t have film back then…