PSA: My View on Cornelius


I’d like to start by stating that this is my opinion, and mine alone. This is not the opinion of the Tremere, the others can speak for themselves. In fact, I have not discussed this much with them, as I wanted to keep this statement pure.

I would like it to be public knowledge that I have no respect for the ex Tremere Elder known as Cornelius (aka Corny). I dislike the thought of being thought less of simply because we are of the same clan.

My loyalty lies with the Camarilla, and with respectable kindred within my clan. Because of that, when Cornelius failed the Camarilla and the Tremere’s interest, I no longer considered him worthy of my following.

I say this because people may be cautious of the Tremere. I have seen it recently. I feel the caution is fair, but unnecessary. We have been betrayed just as much by his fuckery as everyone. Please, don’t think that we remain loyal, though I can’t speak for everyone in my clan.

To prove where my loyalties lie, I respectfully offer my assistance into hunting down this individual if that is what the Camarilla wish to do, or with anything else surrounding this matter.

Chase of Clan Tremere.