Rumours via STs


I just wanted to check if the lack of rumours provided last game was just because of the 3 day in-game turn around between gatherings?

Nosferatu are traditionally hunters and traders of rumours and information, and the Carlos concept was set up with that in mind - taking backgrounds to get rumours/information and disseminate it to help drive plots and get other characters involved.

I can understand if there isn’t much focus on this prior to the revamp towards the end of the year, but I guess what I am asking is do the STs view generating and distributing rumours/information as part of the game going forward after the revamp?

If so, if you have Contacts, Allies, and Influence, and use them appropriately as per the book, are you required to do anything else (ie. DTAs?) to receive/discover rumours?


The way we have been intending to do rumours, is you receive rumours according to your influence, allies and contacts areas of specialisation.

I acknowledge we have been slack and are trying to improve the way we achieve this.

Reliability of rumours will always be in question but,
Solid rumours from credible sources will be written.
Unfounded rumours will be either marked as such or verbally given.