S02E04 Downtime actions close soon!


Thats right!, actions close tonight! (Tuesday 5 December) The form will be locked.

Those that have not finished their downtimes please hurry!

Its only actions and voting that actually close - you can spend xp up until the start of the game (and a little bit after if im in a good mood)


I still have 15 downtimes to go.

Fuck summer / project season / christmas.


We as players need a way to make this easier for STs then.

Can I suggest an ST/Narrator workshop to discuss how this all works for you to see if we can simplify things so it is less onerous?

Happy to help if I can.

I am tinkering with some online tools but needs many more hours before that bears worthwhile fruit.


Cheers @Storytellers, since you stayed up to post them I stayed up to read them, seems the courteous thing to do. :sunglasses:


Everyone should have their results now pm storytellers if you don’t