S02E04 Downtime Actions & Feedback


(Duplicate post from facebook for those Hermits/Sensible souls living outside social media)
Thanks to all who attended last night.
As promised, here are the action and feedback forms.
Feel free to regale us with your experiences (embelishments are of course, are encouraged) from the first court of Prince Jean-Baptiste Gabriel de Sainte Croix’s Reign!

Actions: https://goo.gl/forms/JmJkLdb8SqGCneeb2
Feedback: https://goo.gl/forms/yYRgvHaKcYBUjSNm2


When are they due?


ASAP bro. Game is next friday


Game is on the 15th, isn’t it? That’s three Fridays away.

Will still get DTAs in pronto, but just checking.


Thank you! You gave me an extra week. Mighty harpy even schmoozes with the gods!


If more people realised that about the Harpy, there wouldn’t need to be awkward IC conversations. (Looking at nobody in particular)


I think it would still be useful to set a specific date, as I suspect some people will be less onto it if there is no firm date to be in by. Maybe this Friday?


I half did my actions and now i cant remember everything that happened… Argh…


Dominate sucks like that …


Phew, filled out a feedback form… Although I wasn’t actually there… :rofl:
Ugh, actions… what to do, what to do…
Is there an online newspaper for those who didn’t make it due to untimely circumstances? Sometimes it’s good to have inspiration (partly why I filled out that feedback form)…
If someone can email me the newspaper that would be great.


Contact @HarpyCarlos OOC he will sort you out. I don’t think I have the final soft copy


FYI Actions close tuesday evening