S02E08 Territories


Ventrue: Chartwell Square, Forest Lake

Tremere: Industrial Wasteland in Nawton

Toreador: Nothing written down, because everything is free game

Lasombra: Temple View

Gangrel: Western Heights

Brujah: Hamilton East-Hillcrest, East side North of Chartwell

Nos: Lake, Dinsdale, Hospital

Malks: Glenview, Deanwel, Fitzroy


I like the idea of breaking territories down into small parcels so that one territory can support one kindred, then the Prince can squeeze or reward a clan. likewise interloping sabbat feeding in an area or heightened mortal presence can make game scarce and feeding restrictions/penalties imposed.

As above you have 4 gangrel in town assigned to western heights … does this mean it will support 4 kindred?

I spent a lot of time mapping the territories as given by then ST Simon, can’t be arsed remapping them to new designs, if anyone else wants to do so I can provide the format it needs to be in but otherwise my online map of it is a wasted resource.


I was toying with GIS data I could give you. I’ve already loaded it all into . js files that leaflet can read. Or give me a copy of your PHP script and il integrate it.


Ooc: Ha I live in Ventrue territory :joy: