Season 4 Rarity of Clans


This is the rarity point rating of all clans for the Anarch setting, including the new ones. Clans outside of this are considered Restricted but will probably be accepted provided you include a good reason why a member of this clan has joined the Anarchs.

Rarity of Clans:

Common clans in the Anarch setting include: Brujah, Caitiff, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, and Followers of Set.

Uncommon clans (2 merit points) in the Anarch setting include: Daughters of Cacophony, Giovanni, Lasombra, Ravnos, Ventrue and Nagaraja.

Rare clans (4 merit points) in the Anarch setting include: Assamites, Salubri, Cappadocian (Samedi), Tremere and Lhiannan.



What about bloodlines are they just standard costs in rules? As some sects they switch around?

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Bloodlines standard cost, the Samedi are the standard bloodline for the Anarchs so to play a base Cappadocian costs the Cappadocian rarity plus Bloodline cost, the rest are base bloodline. Additionally these bloodlines cost extra to play as they are considered unsuitable for the setting.

Bloodline Cost Modifications
The following bloodlines are not appropriate for the Anarch
setting, and their merit costs increase by 1. This may require
the player to spend more than 7 merit points to play the
combination of clan and bloodline; in this case, the player
should gain permission from her Storyteller and purchase
the combination as the Restricted Clan merit.
• Assamite: Vizier, Assamite: Sorcerer, Toreador: Volgirre



As an example in the Anarch setting:
Assamite - rare so 4 pts
Warrior bloodline - free as this is the default.
[4 pts total]


Assamite - rare so 4 pts
Sorcerer bloodline - 4 pts for the bloodline +1 more pt as the sorcerer is more expensive than normal in an anarch setting. [9 pts total]