Season 4 Setting Information


Welcome to Hamilton. This used to be a Camarilla City until about 6 years back. Overnight everybody just vanished, cleared out. Nobody knows why, I’ve heard whispers it was something ancient like an Antediluvian but that’s highly unlikely. In 2016 we were declared to be Anarch, those who reject the structures of the Camarilla. And yet still, we were divided. The Baron of Hamilton never called gatherings, never met with their people as a whole and yet seemed to meet with each and every person as individuals. They went as far North as Huntly and as far South as Te Awamutu. As far West of Raglan, as far East as Morrinsville. Nobody voted them the Baron, nobody struggled against their power, their role was simply to let us live free. Perhaps it’s a holdover from hiding here from the Camarilla for so long. Even I didn’t know their name, and I was their 2IC!

Auckland’s been flipped, Camarilla are in charge of the place. Some stuffy Ventrue’s the Big Cheese, we tend not to hear a lot from the city. Still, step into their territory and expect to be blood bound if you’re lucky. Worse than that though, they’ve started moving into our turf. I may be young by our standards, but I’ve seen this before. They send a friendly face while they get themselves settled, meanwhile they’re busy setting up ghouls and taking over the mortals. You’ve gotta get rid of the parasite, but in a way that doesn’t bring the Ivory Tower crashing down from above. Worse than that, the Tremere have shown up and announced St Peter’s Cathedral as their Chantry. They say they’re here “Investigating local phenomena” but we all know what that really means. A forward fucking outpost. No other Kindred can enter, they never leave, but they’re still getting blood somehow.

Over the past couple of months, strange occurrences have been building up. Over in Temple View they’ve been whispering of Devils prowling in the dark; blood orgies and missing persons. Demons don’t walk the Earth the way humans do, but there’s no smoke without fire. Infernalists or Sabbat, although how much of a difference is there really?

The kine (mortals) have been mobilizing too. Normally Anarchs have a bead on whatever the Hunters are doing, being so close to our humanity and all. The last couple of months they’ve all gone dark at once. They’re planning something, never forget that a thousand humans are more of a threat than any wrinkly old Elder.

I’ve heard some smaller rumours too; necromancers, imported snakes, genies, werewolves, ghosts. I expect at least some of the rumours are poppycock, but there’s always something underneath a lie.

So who’s important knocking around town?

Well, there was the Baron; insanely paranoid, I knew them for half a decade and could barely tell you a thing about them. A true believer in our cause, a loss to our city.

The Sheriff of Auckland seems to have been floating around our territory a bit too closely. He’s been seen in Huntly a couple of times but doesn’t seem to want to invade Hamilton. Nobody’s gotten close enough to ask their name or clan, a problem for down the road.

There’s this weird person going around calling themselves Copperfield, they’re claiming to be a Mage and a Magician both. Personally I think it’s poppycock, no self-respecting Mage would go around doing magic tricks for petty cash. And yet, nobody has been able to work out their Act.

The Camarilla have sent over a pretender Prince, Edward something. I’ve met them once, they had Presence, definitely one of the High Clans. We’re gonna have to kick him out sometime soon, preferably without bringing down the Ivory Tower on our heads.

With the Prince comes the Scourge; their official job in the Camarilla is the hunt down everyone who doesn’t belong in a Camarilla city. Which by their logic is every single one of us. I’ve not met them and don’t want to. I’m waiting for them to make the first move.

And then there’s me. I’m Honeydew. You’ll meet me soon enough, we have a dead Baron to talk about. See ya at my place.



@Konstantin - it was here that Temple View was mentioned.