September 2021 Downtimes


Downtimes are now out. Sorry they’re a bit later than usual, working during Level 4 has been difficult.

If you have Contacts and have not specified who they are could you please do that in this month’s DTA. It will help me to ascertain what information you would reasonably be able to attain.

Messages will be going out to those involved in Cutscenes. The Temple View Raid will not be happening this month as most of the game is involved so it will occur when we are next able to play together. However your place will be booked and if you haven’t put in a DTA for it, you can this month.

Downtimes will be processed for this month and will award a full 6XP. Just because we can’t play together doesn’t mean you can’t progress.

DTAs will be due Friday 17th September in order to give people time to process these DTAs, attend to information from Cutscenes etc. If you have any questions about your DTA or I missed something just reply to the message.