Starting humanity


So, if one wanted to start with the less than ideal amount of humanity, are there rules? asking for a friend >_>


I was wondering the same thing…


I wouldn’t imagine it would be a big deal to start on less than the starting amount, especially for you older Kindred.


I wouldn’t recommend it; you can be an absolute monster and still keep your humanity up under NMET, since you can kill someone and still have 0 chance of losing humanity (because you need to accumulate Beast Traits in a single night). (There’s also no upside for low morality - you still get Beast traits for everything). Even an Elder is likely to have Humanity 5, because showing caution and restraint but still brutally murdering your foes is the hallmark of someone who can survive the aeons.

Still, if you’re on a Path you automatically start at Morality 4 (not 5) so there’s that! :slight_smile:


A question lots of volgirre ask …


And any good Leatherface :smiley: