Status Website


A link for people to check status; the web site is still being improved, but it allows for guest log ins to check what status people have etc. currently


I got advised on feeding grounds for the Nos at last game but not for other clans. If you want me to update the map pls let me know the changes.
I’ll add the other two Elysiums as well.


You need to talk to the Prince. I have turned over the agreed upon sections to him, it is now up to him whether or not he agrees and confirms each area or not.


OOC - Cool, no change till he announces anything so wait till next game I guess. Just as I want to keep the site current so making sure I am up with the play. Names of clan members is a wip peoples so you can msg me mistakes but I was waiting on any wholesale changes so I don’t have to do it twice.


Things are under due consideration… (Odds are next game)