Theme for next game?


What was the decision for next months game?

Garou or Infernals?



Garou - might be riding on you pointing out where to find them

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What is the plan for it I can only really give the location of the Silver Mine that is Silver Fang territory. But I don’t know much else about where to find them. I just meet them randomly in the Jungle normally.

Are we going after a certain tribe?

Or just general Garou?



Black Spirals …



No idea where to find them. But I’ll have a look around.



OOC: I probably missed something at the end of the last game but working for the silver fangs sounds like a really really lousy idea.

For starters they dont seem to have anything of value to pay for us, they are at best moderately hostile and helping them with their mining issues doesn’t seem to have any direct value to us.

Working for the black spirals however could be quite profitable. They have allies(pentex) that have significant assets and are prepared to pay for services. Their ethos doesn’t preclude working with us and as wyrm tainted and wyrm affinity creatures we are unliving embodiment’s of their religion.

To put that into perspective to Gaian werewolves like the silver fangs all vampires at minimum have 1st level (out of 5) wyrm taint which disgusts them. A gaian werewolf with wyrm taint would proceed to cleanse itself as soon as possible.;For vampire on a low humanity rating or on a path the taint is all encompasing. This is wyrm affinity. Basically vampires at this level of taint represent the enemy incarnate to all gaian werewolves and the only solution(let alone their favourite) is destruction of the wyrm creatures. This level is the equivalent of the black spiral dancers their mortal enemys.

Being creatures dedicated to serving the wyrm black spiral dancers are alot more comfortable working with the undead.

Since a fair chunk of our existing characters would be described as having wyrm affinity the chances of trustworthy and rewarding dealings with the gaian werewolves is extremely low. If this was supposed to be part of the plot then PCs should have be prevented from being on paths.

To put this in context working with the silver fangs would be like Simon Wiesenthal and Adolf Eichmann going out for burgers and fries (google them).

I would also point out that the prolific use of the word Garou instead of werewolves or lupines by STs and players in character is like you and I constantly referring to Deutschlanders instead of Germans.

Working against infernalists sounds better as
1 they are a vampire antagonist
2 nobody likes infernalists.
3 The silver fangs mining issues are there own. Infernalists are generally hunted by every sect or vampire group.
4 give the sabbat a reason to stick around now that they have been banned from practising their religion.

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