Time for a Party! (Next game details)


As you are probably aware, next month clan.Brujah are hosting a rave. On the 15th of December at 6pm, the party will start.

The location will be given on the day due to obvious security concerns.

I hope to see you all there.

Ooc; This is the next game. It’s a social game hosted at my home. There will be a bbq available for use, but you’ll have to bring your own food and cook it yourself.

BYO alcohol if you would like.

If anybody would like a place to crash after game, send me a message and I’ll see what I can do.

Feel free to show up as early as 5pm, and if we wrap up early, feel free to stay behind and chat ooc around the fire.

The address is 46 Northolt Road, Fairview Downs, Hamilton.

There is space for two cars out front and maybe two in the driveway, but there is a park two houses down that people can park in front. As its near christmas time,I will ask that people don’t park in front of neighbours since they might have their own functions going on.


Where did you want RSVPs? Cause I remember someone mentioned something at game and you said ‘on the forums since there are things to be organized for it’


Ooc: The comment section here works I think. Otherwise send me a message.


It is traditional for attendees to use their knowledge, influence or resorces to contribute to the party. An example: using influence to source speakers/music. Bringing drunken mortals for consumption then using forgetful mind to ensure no masqurade breaches etc.

The cobtribution is optional, though it will be noticed who does and who does not contribute.

Feel free to rsvp here, or send me a pm. Make sure to inform me of any contributions you wish to make.

Ooc; speaking of, we’ll be purchasing a few items for set dressing and what not. Most of this will probably be donated to the game. Because we’re on a shoe string budget personally, we’ll be setting up a gold coin donation box. It is completely optional and we wont be keeping track of any donations. I know it’s tacky, but we’re broke.

There is no charge for this game as it’s a social game and we dont need a hall.


Apologies. This is a social game but also the December game. As always, participation in the forum also nets you the game xp for those not attending.


Chris - where did you get those battery-powered flicker candles? I would like to get hold of some of them.


I’ve seen them in some $2 shops. Otherwise David’s Emporium or the Warehouse sometimes have them.


I have about 200 of them they are the clubs but we can arrange something


OOC Welfare:

Hey guys, posting on behalf of Abbey here.

As this is to be held at their house, please be aware that there are cats present. At least two, possibly three if she decides to turn up. The cats ARE friendly (they’re not going to attack you without cause) but we are aware people may be allergic or have phobias and the like, so please be aware this IS a thing. The chances are they will probably try and keep out of the way of the main event, but as cats in summer are wont to do, their fur will be throughout the house, so if you do have allergies, you may want to either bring medication or stick to where the fur is less of a problem (like outside)


OOC: Seven cats here atm… all loved and snuggled… and two dogs… sigh… I’m a cat person obviously…


Also, when speaking about allergies, I would appriciate this being a nut free gathering. The chances of cross contamination and accidental exposure are rather high with a bbq setting and I am allergic.

If you must bring something with nuts or satay, then I ask you to ensure that you thourghouly clean any utensils and surfaces that it has touched and remain at least six steps away from me. I can get a reaction from the breath of someone who has eaten nuts. (This is a rare occurance but I’d rather not risk it).

Thank you for your understanding.


IC: WOOHOO, party time! A fitting way for me to return :wink: see you all there.

OOC: Anyone got a place for me, Baden and Meg to stay the night?


OOC : Yep. Should have room for three here, if you dont mind using the bunks.


I have been thinking about a new character for a while now and the opportunity to be part of a new incoming cotorie has arisen, so i am highly likely to turn up as a new character. (Not to mention things are heating up in Hamilton Domain. )
Yeah highly unlikely Cornelius will turn up to a Brujah rant at the moment.

If so can the Brujah players not instantly gack him on sight before i can meekly get out the words “but i’m not Cornelius guys” :grinning:

I have some discussions with Chris and James but details still to be decided on new character .



No no no no no

Because forum software says nooooooooooo is not a complete sentence.


OOC my cotorie plans fell through so I am back to playing Cornelius




Not sure the brujah see it that way :grinning:


FYI - Carlos the :rat: is claiming the cannon as part of costumery for the best costume vote.

I think set dressing/costume can ride together as props etc that add to the ambiance and setting are worth rewarding.