Version 2 ruleset Character Sheet


Character Sheet (Draft)
Current version is 2.4 (attached)

I have edited the old character sheet, along the way I have found and fixed some bugs in the original and added some behind the scenes optimisations.

  • New clans added
  • New disciplines added
  • New merits added
  • New flaws added
  • New techniques added
  • New rituals added
  • Modified to support this seasons max tally of merits/flaws. Note you have to select from 1-3 pts of in clan flaws before you are able to add the same number of in clan merits.
  • Framework updated to support some of the new concepts such as the Obtenebrate rituals.

Still Pending to do is;

  • Code in the exceptions for merits such as Iron Scales that give you an extra in clan discipline.
  • Does not automatically factor in optional trait pools (eg if a merit allows you to use MEN+Investigate or MEN_Academics etc the framework currently only allows one test pool. Eventually I will make this able to support either. This only shows up on the printed char sheet tab so not a factor for creating a char.

So at the moment you may be able to select such merits but they may not add the extra in-clan discipline correctly.

Any bugs please post here or message @Storytellers or @Honeydew privately if you don’t want to tip off what your character has :slight_smile:. Currently I am not an ST but I am doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff that does not involve plot or players sheets.

Template V2.4 for S04.xlsx (636.0 KB)




@Jay_AssistantBaron @Honeydew

Note if anyone has an older version than 2.4 given for testing please delete it as some bugs have been corrected as well as new content added.



Can you post the link to spreadsheet on Facebook please.



Template V2.5 for S04.xlsx (644.1 KB)

  • Some bugs fixed
  • New content added (various)
  • Some new merits coded for exceptions (random selection)
  • Giovanni/Tremere etc can now select necro/thaum expertise and pay 1+ xp for a 1 pt merit to get it notated as a multiplier (x3 etc) for the merit. This is because as David is allowing up to 10 pts of merits some builds are running out of merit lines.

Don’t forget to select some dots in generation and pay any xp costs for merits




Hi all!

@Padella-Morta Has done a lot of amazing work on this sheet, without which I don’t think I would have been able to get started getting this sheet from V1 to V2. He’s now passed on bugfixes and the rest of the merits to me, so get in touch with me about fixes. Here is Version 2.51. Don’t feel to the need to redownload this unless you are affected by the Changelog.

Fixed an Error with Lhiannan not being selectable as a Rare Clan
Pieces of code that should be hidden now are.

I will be coding in new merits and effects over time. If there are any merits/techniques etc. that you want to take that aren’t coded please respond on this thread and it will be made a higher priority.

Template V2.51 for S04.xlsx (642.3 KB)

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Thanks David.
Players can now msg David directly to fix things wrong with their builds as he has the hang of it and it won’t tip your hand by asking me to implement sneaky combo #3. :wink:

Edit - I think I recoded all the new merits that give additional in clan disciplines, then I started editing all the morality cost merit changes. David has carried on where I left off and is also looking at fixing the cost for the luminary powers as they are 7 dots.



I cant seem to get the sheet to open, it downloads and then asks me what i want to open it with



It is micro$oft Excel. I am using Office 365 so the latest versions out there. If you have an older version then it may have issues loading. If you don’t have Excel at all then take the archaic flaw.
If you have a prior version then David could “try” a save as and change the format to an earlier release of excel, that may however have breaks if new code options have been used that you don’t have loaded.

End of the day the sheet is for ST purposes and you can submit a char sheet via Paper, the sheet merely double checks the maths and dependencies as it goes (bugs permitting :wink:)

And there should be a 2.52 or 2.6 about to drop anyways …

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ah, yea i dont have that