Werewolf game


After much consideration I have decided that I will be running a Mind’s Eye Theatre werewolf Larp. The werewolf game will be set in the Waikato and will not be connected to Crossroads. I intend to keep the costs as low as possible and would aim to be 0-$10 a game depending on the venue. As a werewolf game I am considering options for possible outdoor events if the weather was fine. Time wise I am flexible and would consider games on an alternate Friday night to crossroads or on a Saturday afternoon or night. My current goal is to have the first game before or during the Easter break.
The premise is that a few disparate Werewolf and Fera (other non-wolf shapechangers) refugee groups have procured a shard seed and intend to create a new Caern. There are a few local Bone Gnawers and an independent Ratkin colony. Everyone else will refugees escaping from the Wyrms’ dramatic onslaught. Ideally players should create characters that are already in packs. However there will be at least on NPC pack that otherwise packless PCs can join.
Character generation will be as standard in the book except that Ratkin are considered common. Initial Xp is the same as the book. If you want to play a Wendigo, Red Talon or Rokea you will need to have a very good justification as to why your character has chosen to live here.
Some notes about werewolf.
• The social hierarchy in werewolf allows for more upward mobility than vampire. In vampire baring diablerie there is no way a neonate will become an elder in the game. In werewolf a character may challenge to rise in rank every 6 months.
• Pack totems give characters additional benefits. These benefits are greater for more diverse packs.
• Werewolf is by its nature far more PVE than vampire. The threat of the wyrm will usually unite even the staunchest of rivals. Duelling is part of their culture and can provide an outlet for those who must. It also has a strong political side with many sept positions with different powers and responsibilities.

Can those interested please message me.



I am interested but school dependent as to how often I can play



I am keen too.



I don’t think I will be able to play as I know have lots more homework on the regular



Interested depending on the limits on what our races ( beast forms ) are



I have had a slight reconsideration of the rarity and this is what I am thinking ( i have made were rats and werespiders one step more common than in the book

All werewolf tribes and Ratkin are common.

Uncommon. Corax, Kitsune Nuwisha Ananasi

Rare Rokea, Gurahl, Bastet, Ajaba

Please note that if you want to play a, RedTalon, or Wendigo, better have a good story about why you chose to live in Waikato. If you want to play a, Rokea, better have a good story about why you chose to spend so much time on land.



SOA inspired biker gang pack!

on another note im guessing Mokole are rare/restricted?



I like Mokole and don’t have a problem with them in the game, but the minimal rules for them are as NPCs. To make them playable as PCs it would need some work to make sure they were balanced and properly fleshed out in the rules.



I am really liking the idea of a Biker pack!



A biker pack would have heaps of room for different roles/hooks within the pack.



Plus there is room for the kinfolk, it’s a pretty sound starting concept for a werewolf pack or vampire coterie or mage cabal