A Matter of gangs


As Assistant Baron, part of my role is to ensure that we are all on the same page about who is riding with who.
If you are yet to form a gang and are interested and available, possibly putting your name down as well as a brief description of your abilities so that others may contact you, could be a great way to get a start on that ball rolling.
This may also be of interest to our officers to see how we are wanting to contribute to the movement.


I will start as I am also currently in the market for a gang, and to set a possible example.
Tremere, Scholar, scientist, happy and eager to help in whatever way I can, normally, a mix of Dominate and buffing allies.

(OOC anarchs form around Gangs, these can be because they are politically inclined, or because they all like violence, or maybe they’re looking for a special someone. Because many of us are not yet affiliated with a gang, or just have loose ideas, this is a place to meet others and decide who you want to ally yourself with. Of course no pressure, but if you’re a new player or just don’t know many people, this could be a useful tool.)

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Padella Morta is also without a gang.

Giovanni lore master and scholar, manifested and mastered the additional power of Auspex, also with dominate and of course necromancy. Recon specialist. Capable and happy to dispose of bodies (living or dead) especially if am able to keep the occasional useful specimen for my research.



Ragnar Ironwill

Ventrue, architect (currently) , mortal manipulator, influence, mainly dominate and presence, lots of money

I’m interested in joining a gang but more inklined to be a free agent



Daniel here, but I also answer to Danny or Danny-Boy.

From the Scottish branch of Clan Ventrue, good with my fists and with a computer. Got some skills in Fortitude and Potence to my name, and a reasonable amount of money. Happy to go where I’m needed, when I’m needed and if you ever need someone friendly to talk to I’m your Kindred.

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Lyra Blackheart

Newly appointed Ambassador (1 out of 2), necromancer, friend of animals, protective.

I’m not what you would call a ‘lone wolf’, but I’m not exactly a ‘people person’ outside of business either. I’m not too fussed.



Mikko Molotov

The special kind of doctor that patches up thugs - or keeping sensitive marks alive.
Also muscle.



Steven Dodunski.
Follower of Set.
I guess you could call me the freshy in town. I am still learning what I can do, but am good with computers and security systems. So if you are looking at tracking someone down or getting in somewhere I can help you. Wow this sounds like a job resume.



So far we have some gang wanted ads, how about some gang ideas. Is anyone interested in one of the following?

KONG - Kirikirioa Occult Necromancy Gang
Open to all those thaumaturges and necromancers out there. Share knowledge and coordinate the occult forces at our disposal for the defence of the domain.

Sneakers - a gang for those with higher levels of Auspex and obfuscation, sneak in sneak out, gather the intel, find the enemy all without getting spotted.

Brute Squad - finesse is for pastry chefs, these gang heads bring the pain. Shoulder to shoulder standing against the war parties of sabbat or Camarilla when they roll into town. A solid wall of fast furious damage dealing awesomeness.

Wise Guys - the scholars and lore masters of the sect. We got the knowledge and hard to find lore about all the crazy things out in the night.

The Puppeteers - Shadow masterminds, controlling the scene of the drama with manipulations of mortal influence, allies, contacts all done with the silky touch of presence and dominate. Free will is an illusion you craft for the kine, unknowingly they dance to your directions.

Any other ideas?



Puppeteer gang



Steven, how would you like to be apart of my gang? Us Setites need to stick together, I think.

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If anyone is already in a gang, pls share the name of the gang and who is in it, maybe a story as to how it got it’s name. Is anyone bearing the moniker trait for the gang?

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OOC: are gangs people you’ve allied with?



Perhaps dah kool kids don’t wanta tell no losers about there super secret klub!
You dont need to know no sekrit handshake and you can’t gettin’ in no sooper sekrit klub house :slight_smile: where we keep dah kool toys!
Ah hear Raven has dah best super sekrit club. But jo gots tah be on “the list” you know what I’m sayin’ you can’t spittin’ the right rhyme, they an’t got the tyme, hear what I’m sayin’

OOC - I think alot of the clicks and gangs are still in the forming stage. Feeling out members, building that trust thing :wink: I imagine they will declare when they declare.



They are like the coteries from Camarilla game or Packs from a Sabbat game.

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OOC - I hear ya but my take is it is a socially known label. How can someone have the moniker merit if they are not known to be in a gang?

Anarchs trade on reputation, a secret coterie is Camarilla-esque, but an anarch gang is open knowledge as the standing and respect shown to the gang and to individual members is based on their known (recent) exploits.

Kinda think it should be a focus next gathering to advertise and recruit into gangs. But hey since when have games gone to anyone’s plans :rofl:



I am pleased to read of your expertise in computers and feel I could utilise your skills. What I seek are the schematics to the Hamilton Museum, as I believe there could be a hidden floor on the first, that might possibly house an art collection. I do advise caution if you choose to accept this request, as Mitch did mention that there could be a protective group/force who do not want this found.

I eagerly await your response.




We can talk about this at the next gathering.



OOC: Some might fit into more than one of these categories…:thinking:



My services are available If you wish for my help

On the house of course