Anarch Hazing


For people who have previously been hazed and want to share without being asked

Ragnar’s hazing
The first few years as a neonate were tough walking on tippy toes around the elders and officers trying to conform to the rules of the camarilla but knowing deep down that this was not for me. Many a Time i considered walking out into the sun and being rid of this system that attempted to control me and suppress my freedom. Then one day an ambassador came by our court. They intrigued me, they appealed to the free spirit that still lived inside me. Their disregard for the chain of command was appealing. I finally managed to talk to them and learn about who sent them. And thus my introduction to the anarch movement.

In 1871 I was finally ready to haze myself and leave the camarilla behind me. I was tasked with stealing major sect artifacts stored in the king’s vault. I set mortal hunters onto the noble Camarilla families to cause a distraction and enable my escape. I left norway and have since been in new zealand and australia following the anarch movement.

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