The Templeview sabbat raid (The movement united)


Seeing as we know where the Sabbat are, and that they have a powerful ally, it is time we vanquished them. This is a friendly reminder that everyone at the gathering SAID that they would be dedicating a downtime to help.
If you want to be on hand for what I’m assuming will be a very fun scene just put “Templeview cut scene” under the cut scene section of the DTA.
If you are wanting to instead cause a distraction, or make some other meaningful contribution, make sure that whatever you do, you specify is linked to the templeview raid.
When we get there we will be requesting that we separate into three groups;
Group 1; Combat, responsible for smashing faces
Group 2; Support, responsible for making sure group 1 can do their job properly, things like high auspex, buffing/debuffing etc
and group 3; dsitraction, to help cover any on the spot masquerade breaches.

I believe that @Cass is going to be reaching out to the Tremere as well, to see what assistance they can bring as we know at least one of the sabbat is Tremere and an infernalist. Please ensure that we treat them well as we fight side by side. After the fight, feel free to do whatever you feel like though.

I believe @Padella-Morta and @Alice_RAVEN_King will be our scouts, using Astral projection, to keep an eye on things and communicating with leaders of each of the three groups via telepathy.

If you weren’t at the gathering, but would like to participate, then you are more than appreciated, Our Constable and one of his deputies were noticeably absent and them being very capable face smashers, or shooters, would be very welcome.

Other than that, let’s get these fuckers and show em how the anarchs roll.

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Tremere show up. I kill them also



Sure, just kill them afterwards.
Or convert them for more family.



I was in Temple View doing some sleuthing and I saw some guy I’ve never seen before. I was going to tell you about him last month but I got sidetracked and couldn’t make it to the last meeting. I’ve never seen anything like it! I did some googling about what infernalists are it seems to match the description. I can fight and shoot, but I will need people to protect me from whatever demonic witchery he can do. I don’t know where the Constable was, but I think I would be better prepared to be part of group 1!

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Absolutely Lilo. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much we know about how to defend against infernalisim, other than kill them as quickly as possible.
We will absolutely be trying to protect everyone and eliminate the threat as soon as we can.



So um, what did he look like? Did he like have a strange brand on his face? Fingers that flexed the wrong way? An extra eye in the middle of his forehead? Hairy palms? When he talks does he talk with two voices?
Oh and did he mention the seven keys and 3 gates by any chance? Sorry asking for a friend.



Group 2 for me - I prefer not t get my hands dirty.

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Soy el grupo uno. Ataco desde Ofuscate. Esté preparado para las llamas.



If this guy has attack llamas then he should be constable I reckon.



Group 1 - payback time!

Step 1: Delay until he fireballs your mates instead of you
Step 2: Then rush 'im and take him out…
Tremere are extra squishy and wriggle a bit - just all sparkles really. Nothing to fear, just get them first if you can. If you can’t get them first, collateral damage until they go down then.



Hmm… Don’t care about the Tremere after eh?

Reminds me of the following quote:
The only good Tremere is a dead Tremere, and the only thing better than a dead Tremere is a dying Tremere who tells you where to find his clanmates.”

Ah, good 'ol Morglum Sparklesnapper… that’s going back a bit… Fun times…



I’m not much of a combatant but I could maybe sneak our harder hitters closer to that man if need be?
It would be good to get a surprise attack on him and take him out as quickly as we could, hoping that he isn’t too perceptive at least…

But other than that I could probably help with Masquerade breaches by taking on the appearance of police officers to get others out of the area?



Obfuscate and prepare the Llamas! I agree!

If Isiah can get me and Lilo close, I am sure that, between us, we can take him down.



He had a glowing fist and ripped some guy’s heart out. He also had a black hand tattoo on the back of his left hand.



Shiney fingers and the ability to punching through ribs with a small amount of medical accuracy ? Is… like that it? No screaming soul writhing in its final moments of agony as it is slowly extracted from its dying corpse? No squeezing the heart like a fruit for juice and writing profane symbols with the blood to honour its patron?
I’m not sure how I feel about this… I feel a little let down. Next time could we be a bit more economical with the facts? And a bit better with the drama? I like my gossip juicy!



I had mentioned potentially calling in a major boon for assistance… However, them providing assistance and getting harmed by us in return seems to be very bad manners. You (Jay) would probably have better contacts in the Tremere as they think you are one of them.

I will be in group two. I can provide cover from melee attacks for people not causing damage to anyone.