The territory. (OOC things to do with downtimes.)


The Baron would like to thank all who attended the last gathering and contributed information, or action toward furthering the cause.

As such, in order to better organize our efforts, if anyone would require assistance for this months activities, then posting here could be a good way to organize.

Many Thanks for all of your continued and valued efforts and support.

  • Assistant Baron.

(OOC basically, so that everyone knows what’s happening, if you could post group related downtimes here, it would help people keep track. Have had a couple people tell me they remember that they said they’d do something but don’t remember what.)



Anyone wishing to aid in the investigations at Templeview, just needs to put an investigate based DTA in, under assisting me with finding out how many Sabbat there are etc. Remember to put how you assist, and remember that we are going as subtle as possible. They don’t know that we know that they’re there, let’s keep it that way. Obfuscate, auspex etc, will be very well suited to this.



i can use some of my influence to see if there’s been a rise in gang activity etc.



Is anyone looking into the bloodless corpse masquerade violation? It seems the attacker who had been leaving people alive has progressed to drinking them dry.

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I think that was solved at the gathering. It was Steven, the new Kindred that we have who was unaware of his abilities. Max found him but I believe was unable to cover the Masquerade breach in time.



OOC: I will hopefully meet with the Camarilla, do a cutscene with James (Benny), and study the suicide drug.



Bronx finds himself with an abundance of free time this month



I thought you were going to research the magic drug, not the suicide drug?



OCC: are there two different drugs?



OOC: Yeah, the Hunters were already on drugs when we turned up and then the ones that used the suicide drug used it later. The drug they were already on is the one we are more interested in.



OOC: oh okay. I must’ve missed that part :sweat_smile:



OOC: Group DTA: I’m going to be assisting with searching Templeview for Sabbat.

I’ll be assisting with searching for the Sabbat, can’t have those sorts in the city. When we find them and are able to ascertain if we have found them all I suggest an assault. Although, I do think a plan would be wise. We wouldn’t want any more breaches of the masquerade. Much more the style of those we’re killing… Hopefully the debacle that went on has not caused them to move from their current location.

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Likewise … linked by telepathy to Jay.

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I’ll lean on some goombas to find out any zona sospetta.